Règles de sécurité obligatoires pour les églises (ERP)

Mandatory Safety Rules for Churches (ERP)


Alarm and monitoring devices and fire-fighting equipment must be installed in all public buildings in a manner appropriate to their size and the risks involved: fire extinguishers (1 for 200 to 300 m²), security lighting, anti-theft devices, in particular.

The evacuation plan for the premises, accompanied by safety instructions, must be displayed:

  • On each level served by a staircase;
  • In each room that can hold at least 5 people;
  • In changing rooms and staff rest rooms.

It must indicate:

  • Evacuation routes to the outside;
  • Dams (or shut-off valve) for gas, water and electricity;
  • The location of fire extinguishers and smoke vents.

ERP have the obligation to keep a safety register which indicates in particular:

  • Technical verifications;
  • The training courses followed by the staff
  • The work carried out.

Since October 22, 2017, new public buildings located in an existing built environment have the obligation to keep a public accessibility register mentioning the measures taken to allow everyone, in particular disabled people, to benefit from the services of ERP.

The content of the public accessibility registry varies depending on the category and type of ERP, and whether or not the ERP meets accessibility standards.

Compliance with safety standards is checked during the various authorization requests concerning the ERP: request for building permit, development work, request for authorization to open the building 'establishment.

If the ERP do not comply with safety obligations, their owner (or manufacturer or operator) is exposed to:

  • A temporary or permanent administrative closure ordered by the mayor or the prefect (after opinion of the departmental advisory commission on safety and accessibility);
  • Criminal sanctions (fine up to € 45,000 and imprisonment).


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