4 astuces pour créer du lien lors des cultes

4 Tips for bonding in the church

The main role of the church today is that of bringing the faithful closer to God, but also of creating a framework for solid human relationships. It stabilizes local churches, breaks down barriers erected by society, and allows every member to feel welcomed into the family of God.

1. Light up the platform

The pulpit and the platform are the places that should capture everyone's attention when we enter a church. Opt for colored LED lighting so as to focus attention on the stage.

With all the advancement in technology, our brains have become accustomed to fast scrolling images. Lower the light in the room slightly or even completely to illuminate the altar well. So this:

  • decreases the distraction in the room and brings all the attention back to the stage.
  • allows newcomers to feel less lost and are exempt from the gaze of others.
  • gives discretion to latecomers and to “leave early” in their movements
Avant et après la rennovation

2. Train your teams

Invest in the training of the technical team as well as the singers who use the sound system. This will make you gain in quality in your worship. Inappropriate sound has been shown to fatigue neurons and expose them to the development of tinnitus.

Praise is the medium that allows the congregation to bring up to God the expression of their hearts. Churches where the music is fun and the sound professional attract many more new people.

Formez vos équipes

3. Create link

It is customary in churches in Europe to use individual chairs so that everyone is seated comfortably. Even in traditional churches, pews have been replaced with shell chairs for the sake of comfort. The church today should focus on connecting and connecting. Doesn't the bench promote fraternal communion? Choose Ephraim church chairs which, when placed side by side, form a bench.

There is no ideal positioning for a worship hall. Here again, the “ Ephraïm ” chair is the most suitable because it can be stacked and moved quite easily depending on your habits.

Ephraïm chaise d'église

4. Get interested!

Each church should allow time and space to allow its members to develop lasting relationships with each other.

Arriving before the service begins provides an opportunity to chat with members who are ahead. Afterwards, ending the service 15 to 20 ’earlier offers the possibility of exchange in a place specially designed for this purpose.

New people are there to watch: being interested in them will definitely encourage them to come back.

Little known reminder:

we come to a church initially out of curiosity or even for a spiritual quest, but we stay there out of friendship.

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