Comment créer de l’emploi au sein de mon église ?

How do I create jobs in my church?

Young Christians have already been praying to God for months and applying to companies to obtain an internship, a work-study program or a first job.

Always present on Sundays, active in the praise, communication or reception department but still refusals during job interviews? What if the solution was within the church itself?

Yes, in this period when job, internship and work-study offers are few and far between, the Church can also be an answer.

Indeed, beyond the spiritual and practical accompaniment, it is possible for a religious association in France, to be a provider of jobs.

In Anglo-Saxon countries and many others, it is common practice for churches to hire staff.

Does this go against the gospel?

According to the Bible, it is forbidden for anyone to withhold a worker's salary. Thus, any person working in a specific place acquires rights which are directly the fruit of his work in that place.

Everything for the Church, an organization that supports local churches in France and around the world , explains how to generate jobs within your religious association.

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Before proceeding with the hiring, it is necessary to check if the statutes of the association designate a body or a competent person to hire (usually the president).

Otherwise, the decision to hire must be taken by the general meeting.

A religious association governed by law 1901 or 1905 may be required to pay salaries without losing its non-profit nature. Therefore, they should respect the obligations relating to hiring and firing. But also those related to working hours, staff representation, paid leave as well as health and safety.

In addition, employers' associations are subject to the rules of labor law and social security. Thus, like any employer, they are obligated to pay social security contributions.


The association must precisely define the position to be filled:

  • The type of contract
  • The job description
  • Remuneration
  • Establishing work schedules
  • Rights to paid vacation


For a 1905 law association, the positions to be filled for this type of contract must meet only the administrative needs of the association: secretarial, accounting, treasury.

For an association governed by law 1901, the positions may be different but must meet the purpose of the association.

An association can remunerate an employee by means of a salary previously agreed and stipulated in the employment contract or by using the associative employment check (CEA) offered by the URSSAF services.

The advantage of the associative employment check : it simplifies the procedures concerning the declaration of the employee and the payment of his salary.

Note : An employer association of salaried personnel must imperatively have a Siret number.


An association may hire an apprentice if it declares that it takes the necessary measures to organize the apprenticeship. As such, the association must in particular guarantee that the equipment, the techniques used, the working conditions, health and safety, and the professional and pedagogical skills of the apprentice master are such as to allow satisfactory training

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Likewise for a trainee, the association must appoint a "training supervisor" or a tutor who will take care of his reception within the structure. An intern may be a minor or an adult and the internship should be part of a school or university course or a training course.

Regarding the intern's remuneration, it is only possible for internships (consecutive or not) longer than 2 months. Thus, below this threshold, the gratuity is optional for the association.


You are probably wondering, what type of internship it is possible to apply in a church or what full-time or part-time job?

Here is a list of professions likely to be exercised within a religious association:

For associations of law 1901 and 1905

  • Secretary: on CDI, CDD, work-study or internship
  • Accountant: on CDI, CDD, work-study or internship
  • Treasurer: on CDI, CDD, work-study or internship contract

For associations under the 1901 law only according to the purpose of the association:

  • Communication officer: CDI or CDD, work-study or internship
  • Audiovisual production manager: CDI or CDD, work-study or internship
  • Facilitator / Educator: CDI or CDD, work-study or internship
  • Responsible for monitoring, reception, integration: CDI or CDD, work-study or internship

For associations of law 1905 only according to the object of the association

  • Communication officer: work-study or internship
  • Audiovisual production manager: work-study or internship
  • Responsible for follow-up, reception, integration: work-study or internship

N.B: This list is not exhaustive. Depending on the number of departments in your church and the tasks at hand, you may be able to create the appropriate positions.


Hiring in the local church promotes the development of gifts and talents given to each in a healthy environment. However, the choice of a person must be carefully considered because a bad choice could be to the detriment of the local assembly.

For more information relating to job creation within your religious association, we invite you to visit the prefecture of your department.

Here are also some useful links:

If you do not live in France , depending on the laws of your country and your means, consider the possibility of recruiting a member of your church.

Let’s know that creating a position in our church is part of the accomplishment of the mission.Let those who hire and those who work, therefore, do so for the glory of God!

"The harvest is great, but there are few workers. Therefore pray to the Lord of the harvest to send workers into his harvest. "
Mathieu 9: 37-38



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