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How to choose the right furniture for worship?

In 2020, following the pandemic, we have long been removed from our places of worship, which has allowed us to further realize the value of this place and its importance for nurturing fellowship. Certainly today we cannot celebrate God together as before, but we still have this grace of having a special place to meet.

" I ask the Lord for one thing, which I long for: I would like to dwell all my life in the house of the Lord, to behold the magnificence of the Lord and to admire his temple. "

Psalms 27: 4

A place of worship is precious, it is a sacred place, a space that must be carefully maintained and preserved by the children of God. This place which represents our identity must also be a living environment, welcoming and pleasant .

Everything for the church , specialist in the equipment and layout of places of worship, shares with you 5 ideas for good choose your cult furniture.

1. Create a comfortable space

The warm welcome of the assembly does not lie only in the warm greetings and the introduction of the newcomers, but also in the comfort of the furniture made available to the faithful.

Take the example of worship chairs: know that ergonomic chairs influence the attention people give to the preacher's message.

Indeed, if my chair is uncomfortable, I would tend to move, to look for a posture that will limit my muscle stress; which is a source of deconcentration and even pain.

For the smooth running of worship services and the well-being of each devotee, opt for comfortable seats. They improve posture and prevent aches and pains.

OUR ADVICE : Everything for the church recommends the Ephraim chair : it ensures you great comfort and comes in several colors for a harmonization of your places of worship.

2. Bet on aesthetics

A beautiful environment well arranged and pleasant to the view, leads your audience to meditation and contemplation.

The Heavenly Father is the ARTIST par excellence! It is therefore quite normal to find yourself in an environment that looks like Him.

For this , there are several elements to take into account :

  • Your choice of furniture should match your style and the image of your congregation
  • Focusing on colors, style and materials is essential to create a suitable aesthetic environment
  • Combine your colors with care, they must be complementary and harmonious: warm colors will brighten up your room, while cold colors will soothe the spirits. It is advisable not to combine more than 3 colors.

TO KNOW : The organization of space also plays an important role in the aesthetics of your room. Arrange your place of celebration by considering the area of ​​your room, this for easy movement and convenient seating for each person.

3. Pay attention to the acoustics and the temperature

It is important to take these aspects of your place of worship into account as they promote the smooth running of your gatherings as well as the warm welcome of church members.

A good sound system contributes to the success of a worship service, whether face-to-face or live streaming. Indeed, it allows a total immersion in times of praise and preaching without being disturbed or disturbed by sound malfunctions.

For more information on sound equipment, contact our technical department who will guide you within your budget. < / p>

Likewise, providing for temperature regulation is essential in a church. It is more pleasant to praise God in a space where the temperature is appropriate for the season.

OUR ADVICE : If you have neighbors near your place of worship, it is necessary to check your noise level in order to maintain good relations. Too high a volume can stir up discontent and generate conflicts.

4. Light up your place of worship

You should know that some lights tire quickly while others immediately create a feeling of comfort. It is therefore an element not to be neglected, if you wish, that your place of worship be welcoming and pleasant.

If possible, invest in large windows to take advantage of natural light. Also, the choice of your ceiling lights and lamps must match the rest of the decor.

LED or fluorescent lamps are a good alternative because they illuminate well and reduce consumption. They also have the advantage of avoiding excessive heat.

For this, we offer a wide choice of LED spotlights allow you to adjust the intensity, color and direction of the light beam.

As we begin the year, let's take the time to observe what can be improved within our local church and make this the perfect place to meet God!


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