7 Astuces pour aider l'école du dimanche à grandir

7 Tips to Help Sunday School Grow

Sunday school is a key component in the growth and development stages of children in the church. There are so many opportunities to show your children of all ages the love, grace, and redemption of God.

Here are 7 tips to help your Sunday school grow.

1. Be as playful as the children.

It is important that every instructor or manager who communicates with children gets up to their level and (hopefully) with the same amount of energy as they bring. Children can be exhausting, but when they see the implication of your effort in intentionally playing with them, there is no limit to the impact you can have. Remember to get 8 hours of sleep before!

2. Affirm and encourage

We cannot underestimate the importance of the power of affirmation and encouragement at all stages of life, but especially in children. It's not just in the words that we say it, but also in the tone and volume that we choose to use. These little Sunday morning interactions can shape a child's future, or at least the rest of their day. Your volunteers and your parents also deserve the same recognition!

3. Sunday school is different from weekday school

It is never pleasant to see a child not engaged in the planned activities, Bible lessons or group play. Although some children like school, they don't expect the same on Sunday mornings. After all, that's not exactly what Sunday school is intended for. Of course, you want it to be a healthy environment where leaders teach and children get to know Jesus, but you also want your children to know the difference between school and church.

4. Consistency.

When it comes to children, it is very important that your leaders are constant. Encourage your leaders to serve faithfully, to give generously, and to teach boldly. With the right equipment and the encouragement, you have the power to make leadership exciting for every volunteer. No matter how big or small Sunday School is, consistency is paramount in all ministries.

5. Involve the parents.

Did you know that parents are the main source of influence in a child's life? So ask yourself, does the child see Jesus daily? Look at the parents first. Encourage parents to discuss and find creative ways to start spiritual conversations with their children. The impact of the gospel will be much greater if parents devote themselves to teaching their children.

6. Cooperation and organization

Teamwork and organization are the keys to success. Every leader must be on the same page; and the expectations of the pastoral couple must be clearly communicated. Remember that leaders can burn out. Be sure to cooperate with other areas of the ministry. Every leader and member of these ministries needs support and encouragement.

7. Pray individually for each child and responsible

If there is one thing to take away from this article, remember that every Sunday school leader should pray for every child. Prayer is powerful and we must look forward to God moving in hearts and around the ministry God has entrusted to us.


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