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Why is the Church called to improve the quality of its videos?

Why is the Church called to improve the quality of its videos?

Today, churches around the world are using live broadcasting to reach and engage their communities in new ways.
Now we can participate in worship without traveling and have the choice of visiting different local churches with just one click.

It looks like this digital church is the Church of tomorrow.

Therefore, it is essential that local churches improve the quality of dissemination tools, which will soon become part of the indispensable equipment of a local church.

We present to you 3 reasons why a church is called to distribute the gospel on the web with quality tools.

1. For the growth of digital evangelization

Live video streaming lets you reach people you've never reached before.

Take the example of a person who has never set foot in a church, whose parents never talked about God, and whose friends do not identify with religion. Yet this person may be curious about the Bible, understanding the faith, and knowing more.

Most people in this situation will start their search on Google or social networks instead of walking through the doors of a church, which is why broadcasting your various programs online gives them insight of the community they could join.

Google being a search engine, which highlights the best optimized websites or platforms , it will position your local assembly in the first links of its results page, only if your content is good referenced.

Similarly for social networks, it is generally the quality content that is most often visited, shared and "known" by visitors.

This overview of the community will therefore only be really effective if the church is well represented on your broadcasting platform : bright videos, expressive faces, audible sound and well-organized shots are quality factors of a video that promotes digital evangelization.

A church that seeks to win souls for Christ must therefore think of those who will watch the broadcast videos and who do not know God or a church. We have a responsibility to represent the house of God well outside and this requires improving our dissemination tools.

2. To live cults at a distance differently

If we look at the year 2020, we notice the omnipresence of the broadcasting of cults live on live streaming platforms and also the differences that are there from a technical point of view.

Depending on the video broadcasting tools used, the worship will be broadcast more or less well, the goal being to experience the worship at home as well as in the temple.

It should be noted that certain assemblies broadcast a live cult whose sound is inaudible, noisy or which often cuts; whose image is blurry, with imprecise framing and rough transitions.

These few elements that can be found in several online cults can disrupt the broadcast of these moments of communion: loss of concentration, loss of information, lack of cohesion with brothers and sisters, involuntary delays throughout the worship ...

During remote worship, worshipers seek to live their worship at home and that the screen is just an interface between them and their pastor or worship group

However, we realize that the screen can become a real barrier because of the bad or the low quality of the tools and methods used for the broadcast : microphones and mixer not optimized for streaming producing poor sound reproduction; use of a smartphone and tethering sometimes limiting the speed at which the image is broadcast; poorly arranged viewing angles and shots confusing the viewer.

All this confirms to us that improving our dissemination tools is essential to maintain the link and allow loved ones to commune virtually.

3. To meet the challenges of the church of tomorrow

Whether we like it or not, the place of digital in our churches will become permanent in the years to come; as a church, therefore, we must be visionary and audit our dissemination tools by looking to the long term.

The Church is called to be the light of the world, so she must be seen and recognized by all . But how will it be if it is not active in the digital sphere?

Our presence on online video platforms is a mission that we must take up without neglecting the technical aspect: cameras, microphones, computers, lights, tripods and other live streaming accessories represent a necessary investment for to be that church with digital influence.

This aspect of the church requires a cost that will continue to increase as the demand increases. So let's think about tomorrow today and get ready by committing our finances to a project to improve the quality of our distribution tools.

Everything for the Church , a platform dedicated to evangelical churches, invites you to consult its range of multimedia products . We offer a selection of items tailored to your needs and your budget.

We are also ready to support you with technical training sessions: audiovisual, sound recording etc ...

We remain at your disposal and pray that God will watch over his Church!



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  • Christian
    Feb 15, 2021 at 10:50

    Très bel article. L’église de demain doit absolument utiliser les outils du numérique afin de mieux accomplir sa mission qui est de présenter le créateur de toute chose: L’ETERNEL.


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